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A professional website will help create a positive experience for your customers. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, contains relevant and updated content, and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. All these elements will make a big difference from the potential customers’ experience and influence whether they choose to do business with you.

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Specialized in UX (User Experience) with +160 projects the last 9 years.

Talk to Kevin

Specialized in UX (User Experience) with +160 projects the last 9 years.

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A professional website or webshop with Fourian

Are you looking to create a significant online presence for your business? Are you looking for a solution that brings your business closer to your customers and gets you the exposure you desire? Then you should consider getting a professional website.

Seriously. We hold nothing against people who turns to cheaper solutions or make their website a DYI project, but what we offer is not comparable to that, and that’s what we want to explain to you throughout this page.

Your potential clients will judge you, based on many things, where one of them is the website you have. Does it look cheap? Not user friendly? Things like this truly matters..

If you’re a brand, corporation or organization who want’s the best – you’ve landed the right place.

A professional website is more than just a collection of beautiful images, creative texts and a few colours. It’s your digital storefront in a very busy street, and very often it going to be the first impression your potential customers have of your business. A professional website is a robust and tailored platform that helps you reach your customers, showcase your products or services, and strengthen your brand.

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Understand the importance of a professional website - from a professional point of view.

A professional website gives back credibility to your business. Customers expect companies to have an online presence, and not having a website can create an impression that your business is less professional, making it invisible..

A professional website will help create a positive experience for your customers. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, contains relevant and updated content, and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. All these elements will make a big difference from the potential customers’ experience and influence whether they choose to do business with you.

Why is it so important to have a good website?

It’s an essential component for any business in today’s digitally driven world, and here are some key reasons to why it’s important:

Look at your website as the foundation

As we are also a web agency, we know how important a good website is for your marketing success. Marketing on social media and Google often aims to lead the user to your site, where the site then must convert the visitor into a lead or a sale. By not having a well designed website, users are going to leave the site – without making a conversion- because the website didn’t meet the visitors needs or desires.

Built in WordPress

Experience the pinnacle of website development with our WordPress-powered solutions, utilizing the foremost CMS in the industry. Our commitment to utilizing the latest web technologies ensures that your website stands as a contemporary, easily editable, and future-proof platform.

Focus on UX (user experince)

We go beyond aesthetics; we prioritize the user experience (UX) to ensure your website not only looks stunning but functions intuitively. With meticulous attention to user journey and interaction design, we create websites that engage and delight visitors. By focusing on UX, we guarantee that every click is purposeful, driving meaningful connections and conversions.

Optimized for Search Engines

We prioritize not just online presence, but visibility. Every website we meticulously craft is SEO-optimized, strategically designed to elevate your digital footprint. Our dedicated team ensures that your website is equipped with the latest SEO best practices, empowering your brand to shine prominently on search engine results.

Responsive design

From desktops to tablets and smartphones, your website will adapt effortlessly, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing experience. With our commitment to responsive design, your brand remains accessible and engaging, no matter the device. Choose us for websites that not only capture attention but also adapt to the dynamic preferences of your audience, providing a flawless user experience across all platforms.”

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Frederik is our top performer – specialized in paid advertising.

How to know if your website is truly good?

It can be difficult to determine whether your website is good or bad, as there can be different expectations depending on what product or service the visitors are looking for. One of the most used key figures to evaluate if your website is good is the “conversion rate,” i.e., how many of your visitors convert into customers. By looking at the conversion rate on your website, you as a business owner get to know how many visitors you need to get a conversion. This gives you an insight into how much money you need to spend on marketing to get a lead or a purchase – and after that you’re able to see if you’re making money or not.

Let’s look at an example:

Scenario 1 – The poor website

Visitors: 1,000
Conv. rate: 1%
Number of purchases = 10

Scenario 2 – The good website

Visitors: 1,000
Conv. rate: 2.5%
Number of purchases = 25

For the same amount of visitors, you get 2.5 times as many leads or sales by having a good and conversion-friendly website compared to having a poor one. A professional website can quickly pay itself off, as a good website equals more orders than a poor one does.

It can seem overwhelming to get started on a new website project, and we truly understand that. There are, indeed, many considerations to be made in advance.

First and foremost, you should decide what the purpose of your website is. Is the intention to sell products, inform about services, promote brand awareness, generate new leads, or maybe a mix of it all? Once you have a clearly defined purpose for your website, it becomes easier to plan content and design.

It’s also important to have your target audience in mind. By understanding your ideal visitor’s needs and interests, you can design a website that speaks directly to them. Next, of course, you need to decide what content should be on your website. Text, images, videos, blog posts, product descriptions, customer testimonials, FAQs – all these elements can help make your website informative and engaging.

The design of your website should be appealing and user-friendly. It should also reflect your brand identity, which means you need to consider everything from color schemes and typography to layout and mobile design. And keep in mind, that our behavior change depending on which device we use.

Your website also needs to be SEO-friendly to be found on the internet. You should consider using relevant keywords, ensuring a quick loading time, having a mobile-friendly site, implementing good internal and external links, and making sure to update your content regularly.

When it comes to the technology behind your website, you should consider which Content Management System (CMS) to use, where your website should be hosted, and whether you need an e-commerce platform if you plan to sell products online.

Your budget is another important factor, and here you need to ask yourself: How much are you willing to invest in your website? Remember, costs can include everything from design and development to hosting, maintenance, and much more.

Finally, you need to think about the maintenance and updating of your website. Who will be responsible for keeping it updated and maintained? Are you going to do it yourself, or are you going to hire someone for it?

Last but not least, the security of your website is crucial. You need to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect both your website and your customers’ data.

“Fourian is my preferred interpreter for all SoMe things. In a world where everything changes and evolves so quickly, it is important to surround yourself with specialists”

Christian Dam

Sales & Business Development

Jesper Glahn
Copenhagen Atomics

“Vi har haft stort udbytte af at arbejde sammen med Sarah omkring sociale medier. Altid inspirerende og masser af energi – og mange gode hints! Vi har fået en god platform til at arbejde mere effektivt på sociale medier og har hurtigt kunne skabe målbare resultater! Jeg kan varmt anbefale Sarah!”

Niels Møller
Organisationschef, Moderaterne

Sarah satte lynhurtigt skub i Moderaternes SoMe-kampagne, skabte overblik, samlede et kompetent team, arbejdede utrætteligt og med stor energi. Sarahs smittende, venlige og altid positive væsen har været et stort aktiv for Moderaternes valgkampagne, som bragte os fra nærmest ukendt parti til folketingets tredjestørste på fem uger.

Pia Allerslev

“Når man spørger Sarah om et godt råd – så får man det! Og man får det kort, præcist og meget anvendeligt. Til trods for, at der er mange ord og begreber, jeg ikke har helt styr på, når vi taler om hjemmesider og social media strategi, så formåede Sarah at forklare alt, så jeg både kunne forstå og bruge alt det jeg havde fået præsenteret. Det er bestemt ikke sidste gang jeg bruger Sarah Fourian.”

Eisho Dalil
Ejer af Francis Marketing

Vi har efterhånden hos Francis Marketing prøvet diverse bureauer til at lave vores hjemmeside uden at ende med det resultat som vi ønskede. Kevin greb opgaven, og udførte præcis den visuelle identitet som vi ønskede!

Stor anbefaling herfra.

Folketingsvalg x Fourian

Mange – ja, stort set alle her på LinkedIn, som følger med hos mig, kender mig som erhvervsdrivende med min virksomhed.

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Talk to Kevin

Partner, Fourian

Christian Dam
Sales & Business Development

Sarah is an impressive and charismatic woman who knows her stuff. She is my preferred interpreter for all SoMe things. In a world where everything changes and evolves so quickly, it is important to surround yourself with specialists and Sarah is my preferred adviser specialist when it comes to SoMe strategies. She is highly recommended by my side.

Frederik Roose Øvlisen
Kontorchef, Forsyningstilsynet

Sarah made me understand social media algorithms – I took part in a workshop led by Sarah that not only taught me WHAT to do but more importantly HOW it works with the algorithms. Sarah is an eminent communicator with a deep understanding of how to enable social media and increase personal branding.

Kim Ziegler
Chief Design Officer & Partner

Sarah har hjulpet MeeW med at åbne døre til nye kunder, men samtidig også hjulpet os på vej med spot-on social media strategi, kommunikation og marketing. Alle opgaver og problemstillinger er blevet løst til vores fulde tilfredsstillelse og Sarah har, vigtigst af alt, skabt iøjenfaldende værdi for vores virksomhed. Jeg kan med tryghed og ro i sindet give mine varmeste anbefalinger, og jeg er overbevist om, at hun kan gøre præcis det samme for jer, som hun har gjort/stadig gør for os!

Freya Miller
Telly Award Winner 2022

Sarah recently gave me the most formidable Instagram crash course with a focus on how to best utilize this social networking platform for career purposes. What she taught me equipped me to develop my profile confidently, and also explained to me why I should take social media seriously as a career and visibility tool. I’m still just a newbie on Insta but I’m having fun with it and only wish I’d jumped on a lot sooner. I’d recommend Sarah in a heartbeat!

Bill Windsor
Owner, Eden Jaxx

Sarah came on board to help me with my social media for my project Eden Jaxx three weeks before opening and I knew 10 minutes into our first meeting she was the woman for the job. She is highly knowledgeable about how all the systems interact with each other and has the energy and enthusiasm to take your SoMe to the next level and above.

Anne Dorthe Pedersen
Ejer af Fru Sød

Fantastisk firma med gode og kvalificeret ansatte. De har løst alle opgaver til UG kryds og slang. Været meget lydhør for mine ønsker og har forstået at udfører dem. Når jeg ikke har vist hvad jeg ville er de kommet med gode løsninger og har overholdt alle deadlines. De har stået for alt omkring min hjemmeside, jeg har bare skulle lægge varerne ind. Design opgaven med logo, farver og look er vildt flot, jeg blev interviewet om min person og ønsker og der kom smukt begrundet personligt resultat. De allerbedste anbefalinger herfra.

Nikolaj Lund
DiningSix & Burger Shack

Jeg havde bedt Sarah om råd til nogle tiltag, der kunne være med til at øge antallet af gæster og synligheden for en af vores restauranter. Sarah var så vanvittig godt forberedt, hun skød bare løs med forslag og ideer, jeg var blæst bagover af den energi Sarah havde og alle de ting jeg kunne tage med fra mødet. Intet mindre end genialt.